Spring & New Things

So, as usual it's been a while since I've posted. It's getting fewer and farther between that I'm on here at all but realised I haven't really told anyone about this thing that I'm going to be doing for the next two years.

I've applied to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & I start in May! The program is online which will allow me to stay here in Alliston & keep working at the Modern Market, as well as continue at OCADu in the fall part time.

I'm so stoked. Since I started at the Modern Market in December, I kind of realised that I'm really interested in food (who isn't), but in a different way than I thought I was. I have been off & on vegetarian for the past few years, but the more I'm learning about foods and food practices, the more I'm realising how freaking important it is. So kind of spontaneously I decided I'm going to study it full on for two years (while working full time & chipping away at my BFA).

So wish me luck!

In other news I found a super cute bachelor apartment in Alliston for a ridiculous price & I move in May 1st. May 1st is also really exciting because right now I'm working 20 hrs a week at H&R Block (on top of my 45 hours at the Market), and tax season ends May 1st. So - holding out for May people.


thanks for sticking with me during that dry patch. 



Another update thingy and some hiking pictures

Heyo. It's been a while. I'm still in the Alliston area, and hoping to be going back to school in Toronto next September. I've had a bit of a crazy few weeks, where I bought a car (had no idea what I was doing) and ended up getting ripped off. So now I'm trying to auction off that car and buy a different one. And I'm also moving again.

This time I'm moving to Alliston.

Anywho - here are some pictures I took when Devon and I went on a weekend hiking trip in Algonquin at the end of October. It was chilly but a good time and I'm glad I could fit in another camping trip this year.

I used a Holga for these pictures, which is a film camera famous for making artsy mistakes. So I'm aware it looks like a child took most of these and I think it's pretty neat.


Another sporadic update thing

Hello those of you who still keep up with all this.

Here's a song:

I'm basically not doing anything at all right now. Just working, and sometimes doing tiny watercolour doodle paintings. But otherwise- my show is still on at the Well for the rest of the month. The opening went really well and I've sold a few small things. So yeah!

I will also be showing at the Dufferin County Museum for a few weeks in December so stay tuned for details about that.



Lol my life

This is the stuff of life. Coming and going, and being a vagrant. Cause why not try to pack as much experience into as short a time as possible.

I'm having this mindset lately where I've decided to laugh when life is shitty and ridiculous, cause it's freakin ridiculous. So instead of bumming around, I'm hopping with moonboots on, and planning the trip of a lifetime, and working my ass off to make it happen. I'm going to pay off my debt. And I'll be all fresh and stuff. I worked out today, and the exercise part was so crappy, but my hot shower and the burn in my legs right now is f'n wicked. And I feel like that's my life right now, I'm just in that shitty exercise phase so I can have all the energy, and max relax (as my boss would say) later. & I'm lovin it, knowing that's where it's all gonna go. And that I'll have both phases over and over, but all to have a better, happier life.

So yeah. Don't take life so seriously. take a break. GO NUTS, cause sometimes nuts isn't that nuts and it's probably the best thing to do.

This post is silly, but I've got energy & I just want everyone to know, that yep I look tired, and burnt out a little - cause I am. But it don't mean I'm depressed, and my life is a mess. It's messy. But like, it's not broken or whatevs.


Painter's Table Build with Dad

Me and my dad built a painter's table together last weekend. I would try to write a DIY instructable for it, but I mostly didn't know what was gong on. I sanded a lot, and used some big tools way too big for me, but that was awesome. Plus got to spend a day with Dad doing a super cool dad thing.

I tried to stain it but that didn't go too well. So we'll see. I'll show you it in my room once it's all aired out and I get it set up in here. Also, I get to decorate my desk at work tomorrow so that's exciting. & I got business cards too! You can see a picture on Instagram. https://instagram.com/hayleypowling/